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11 Paranormal Romance Writing Prompts

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Don’t look any further for some paranormal romance writing prompts! Paranormal romance combines two of my favorite things: the supernatural and romance.

Paranormal romance is a sub-genre that features a romance with someone who has some special abilities or powers. The supernatural has to be there, like werewolves, psychic powers, gods and goddesses, and so on. The focus is often on overcoming the gap between their two worlds and the challenges they face.

It’s also an incredibly popular genre (Twilight anyone?), so if you want to write something that has an interested market of readers, you may want to give paranormal romance a shot.

To spark your creativity, here are 11 paranormal romance writing prompts.

11 paranormal romance writing prompts

Paranormal romance writing prompts

1. One is a werewolf, the other is a vampire. Neither group is particularly happy about their relationship. Can they overcome their differences or will their families drive them apart?

2. A witch/wizard has given up on love, focusing solely on their business as a psychic. When they get visions of someone who will mean the end of magic, they need to find a way to stop them. But what if the witch/wizard falls in love with that person?

3. Her house was haunted by a ghost. As she tries to help them cross over to the other side, they fall in love.

4. Two people are connected by their dreams, destined to be together. When they dream about a crime, they need to work together to prevent it. The problem: neither knows the other exists or that their dreams are connected.

5. A monster just wants to be left alone. But then he’s hunted by a monster hunter. Through a game of cat-and-mouse, the unexpected happens: they start to fall for each other. Can a monster truly love? Or will their natures remain what they are, destroying their chance of a happy ending?


6. Your protagonist has been dead for some time. No one sees them. Until the love interest comes along. However, their love may be short-lived when an exorcist comes to town.

7. Half-siren, half-human, the protagonist lives longer than most, breathes underwater, and can lure others with their song. They have an easy life this way; they can always take whatever they want. Until someone comes along who’s not affected by their song. And they’re determined to make the protagonist’s easy life a lot more complicated.

8. Your protagonist messed up—big time. They were supposed to banish the fae, not accidentally marry them when the spell goes wrong. They go to find a way to untie this union within the fae world, which holds more dangers than your protagonist ever imagined.


9. Your protagonist is a minor deity, promised in marriage to another deity from the moment they were born. The problem? Your protagonist is secretly in love with the deity’s sibling.

10. Soulmates are real. Only your protagonist’s soulmate seems to exist in a completely different time. How would they ever meet?

11. Guardian angels are real. One day, your protagonist’s angel shows up to tell them that something has gone wrong up above, and they need to work together to fix it.


Write your paranormal romance story

I hope the writing prompts above sparked your creativity. And once you've written your first draft, don't forget to go through the editing stages to make it a truly wonderful story your readers will love.


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