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About me

Iris Marsh, portrait of woman with brown hair against a green background

I'm Iris Marsh, a certified editor with a passion for helping indie authors achieve their dreams. I believe stories are important, now more than ever. Because stories have the power to shape the world. They make us think, allow us to become someone else, and experience different cultures, places, and ways of thinking. 

I'm also not just an editor; I'm an indie writer, too. I know exactly what you're going through: the doubts, the worries, the costs, and the overwhelming amount of things you need to do when you self-publish a book.

So, let me help you take the load off the editing process. 


While I started my editing business not that long ago (by the end of 2020, amidst the pandemic), I've already helped dozens of authors with their manuscripts. In addition, I've worked as a proofreader, copyeditor, and line editor for a Dutch company, where I edited academic texts (in English & Dutch). 


I have a bachelor's degree in Pedagogical Science and a master's degree in Behavioral Science. I also did a PhD for two years in the area of Health Psychology. However, I didn't finish this in favor of becoming an editor and a writer. I've published several academic papers on mental health, mainly in the area of anxiety disorders. 


  • Copyediting: Intermediate (EFA, 2023)

  • Advanced Editing and Manuscript Evaluation (Edit Republic, 2023)

  • The Art of Line Editing (Edit Republic, 2021)

  • The Story Grid Guild (Story Grid, 2020, 2021)

  • The Spreadsheet Course (Story Grid, 2021)

  • High-level proofreading pro (Edit Republic, 2020)

  • The Five Commandments Course (Story Grid, 2020)

  • Level up your Craft (Story Grid, 2020).

My interests

I have a wide array of interests when it comes to editing fiction and nonfiction. For fiction and short stories, I specialize in:

  • Fantasy

  • Sci-Fi

  • Thriller

  • Crime

  • Horror

  • Romance.

For nonfiction, I specialize in:

  • Self-help

  • Academic (in the field of psychology or pedagogy)

  • Spirituality.

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