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8 Supernatural Thriller Writing Prompts

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As you may know, I’m a big fan of adding the supernatural to any kind of genre. Thrillers are no exception. Whether you’re leaning more toward mystery writing, crime, or psychological thrillers, you can always add some magic to it (That’s also my philosophy to life).

There are a ton of supernatural thrillers out there, like Ninth House, Vicious, or Legendborn.

So, use these prompts below to spark your own supernatural mystery story.

Supernatural thriller writing prompts

1. One day, your protagonist received an empty notebook. However, when they try to write in it, the book writes back. With details of a crime that took place a decade ago. And it’s going to happen again----unless your protagonist stops it.

2. One night your protagonist wakes up, and their partner is gone. When they report them missing, it is as if they never existed. When your protagonist starts to investigate, it appears that your partner may have been less human than they led on. And it seems they pissed off the wrong person in the magical underworld.


3. Your protagonist’s paranormal gifts come in handy when they need to solve a crime. However, they do take their toll. But when their best friend is in danger and needs them to use their gifts again, they can’t really say no. No matter the cost.

4. Your protagonist is a witch/wizard of some renown. They receive an award for performing one of the most difficult spells successfully. Last year’s winner is angry and slanders your protagonist. But then your protagonist finds their body, killed by the spell they won an award for.


5. When their newest collector’s item arrived, your protagonist is beyond happy. Little do they know that it was stolen from someone’s grave, and the dead owner really wants it back.

6. A new cult seems to be rising when sacred places are robbed of their sacred object—they don’t steal anything else of value. Your protagonist is the paranormal detective on the case.

7. An experiment gone wrong led to a dramatic death. They all think your protagonist committed the crime. They didn’t. But they know who did. Lucky for them, the experiment granted them supernatural powers that would prove very helpful with their revenge.


8. Your protagonist goes to visit their neighbor. However, the person who answers is someone completely different. They tell your protagonist the neighbor has been dead for 10 years. But then with whom did they have coffee the day before?

Write a new supernatural thriller story

I hope the writing prompts above sparked your creativity for a thrilling supernatural story. Whether it’s a full-length novel or a short story, be sure to edit your work after you’ve completed your first draft.

Check out my free course for self-editing for some tips and tricks.


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