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You've written your novel, and now you need some help shaping it into the best story it can be. No worries, I've got your back. I offer a range of editorial & critique services for you.

Not certain which service you need?

Download the free PDF booklet by clicking the button.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Request a Quote

Are you an indie author who has finished their manuscript and is looking for a way to make their story the best it can possibly be? Then you're at the right address. To work with me, the first step is to request a quote by clicking on the button at the bottom or navigating there in the menu.

For the editorial services, I will determine the estimated price based on the service you require, the word count of your manuscript, and a sample of your story. 

For the critique services, there is a flat fee. So, you won't receive a quote for this, but you will receive a booking date.

Step 2: Accept the Terms & Pay the Deposit

After I've assessed your sample and determined the estimated price, I will send you a quote, a time frame for the edit or critique, and a contract. If you agree with these terms, I will send you an invoice for the first deposit using PayPal (50% of the price). This deposit needs to be paid before the starting date.

Step 3: Receive your Edit or Critique

Once I start working, I will update you weekly on the progress. Then, at the agreed-upon delivery date, I will send you your edit or critique. Take some time to review it. After, we will set up a meeting to discuss the edit or critique, so you'll know exactly what your next steps are.

Editorial Services
Developmental Editing

This will help you solve all the big-picture issues within the finished draft of your manuscript.

Line Editing

Sentence-level editing that will help your story flow well and be geared toward your target audience.

Copy Editing

Sentence-level editing that will fix errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling.


The final check of your manuscript for any typographical errors.

Critique Services
Manuscript Critique

This will give you more general guidance on the big-picture story issues of the finished draft of your manuscript.

First Chapter Critique

This will help you hone down your first 5,000 words, so you start your story off the right foot.

Scene Critique

Extensive critique to help you improve your scenes or short story.

Plot Critique

Extensive critique to help you craft a killer plot outline, so you can start writing with confidence.

"Iris has boosted my writing confidence a million times! The way she effectively helps you to understand any issues you might have, shows her depth in knowledge of being a great writer. I don't recommend anyone else."


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