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Plot Critique

Perhaps you've tried to start writing your story a few times but always seem to get stuck. Or you've been plotting your story for some time but still aren't happy with where it's going. A plot critique is a great option for indie authors if you want to:

  • get specific feedback on the outline of your story;

  • improve the bones of your story before you start writing your first draft;

  • gain clarity on the elements that should be added to your story.

What you'll get with a plot critique

Have you written an outline but still don't feel confident enough to start writing?

Did you start writing your story but find you get stuck?

​Then you've come to the right place for my plot critique.

My plot critique includes:

  • A thorough critique of the global outlined plot;

  • A 1-2 page report outlining the weaknesses & strengths (and how to fix the issues);

  • Suggestions for conventions & expectations within the plot;

  • Suggestions for combining different plot lines;

  • Feedback on the progression of the stakes;

  • Suggestions for a scene list;

  • Feedback on the pacing.


A plot critique has a flat fee price of $85,- (USD). 

Please send your plot as a synopsis of around 2,000 words and a scene list with the scenes summarised in a few sentences (for as far as you've plotted them).

Hit the button below to make your booking.

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