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Line & Copy Editing

Line & Copy editing are paragraph- and sentence-level editing services. It's possible to order a line or copy edit separately or choose to combine them. A line edit is especially great if you feel the flow of your story is off or have doubts about the clarity of your sentences. It's a great option if you want your story improved on:

  • word choice;

  • flow;

  • ambiguity;

  • repetition;

  • activeness of your writing style;

  • parallelity of your sentences;

  • redundancy;

  • fit with the target audience;

  • readability of the sentences and paragraphs.

Copy editing is a thorough check of your grammar, syntax, and spelling. It's a good choice if you want your story checked on:

  • grammar;

  • syntax;

  • consistency;

  • factual accuracy;

  • spelling;

  • punctuation;

  • typos.

What you'll get with a line and/or copy edit

Are you happy with your story, but do you feel like there's something wrong with the flow?

Are you worried you have too many grammatical errors or typos in your manuscript?

Or would you like to be certain that the facts in your book are accurate?

Then a line edit and/or a copy edit is the best choice for you.

With a line and copy edit, I use track changes in Microsoft Word to highlight the changes I made in your manuscript. You will receive two versions of the manuscript:

  • One where track changes is on, so you can see what changes I made (and choose to accept or decline any changes);

  • One where all the changes have been accepted, so the document is a clean version.

In addition, I will add comments throughout the story with other suggestions for changes in the sentences and explanations of why I made a certain change. 


A line edit costs $48.- per hour (USD). 

A copy edit costs $38.- per hour (USD).

A combination of a line and copy edit costs $63.- per hour (USD).

Want to know how much a line edit and/or copy edit for your manuscript will cost?

Please contact me to request a quote (without any obligations).

If you wonder whether you're ready for a line or copy edit, feel free to send me a sample of your work. I'm happy to evaluate your needs.

Unsure whether a line or copy edit falls within your budget? Please contact me for payment options.

Also, read this article for an estimation of the cost of line editing and this one for the cost of copy editing.

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