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Manuscript Critique

A manuscript critique is sort of the dressed-down version of a developmental edit. This is perfect if you want to know how to improve your story, but don't want to do a full developmental edit. This manuscript critique is great if you want to:​

  • know where you should improve your global plot (including possible subplots);

  • understand whether your story progresses the stakes; 

  • know where to improve your character development;

  • receive feedback on your worldbuilding (if applicable);

  • make sure your story has a good pace.

What you'll get with a manuscript critique

Got your first draft ready and have no idea how to even begin editing?

Read through your story and feel like it’s missing something but not sure what?

Got some critiques by beta-readers about your plot, characters, etc., but have no idea how to fix it?

Want feedback but don't want to do a full developmental edit?

Then the manuscript critique is the service you’re looking for.

You will receive your manuscript back with a detailed report, usually around 5-15 pages (depending on the total word count of the manuscript). This report details where improvements can be made on the following points:

  • your main plot's genre;

  • the conventions & expectations;

  • the theme of your story;

  • the chosen POV;

  • your character's need and want;

  • the global structure of your story (including a thorough breakdown of the structure).

In addition, I will give feedback on the writing, character development, and world building (if applicable). 

I always end the report with a list of action points, so you know exactly what your next steps should be.


A manuscript critique has a flat fee price depending on the word count.

Up to 40,000 words: $325.- (USD).

Up to 60,000 words: $475.- (USD).

Up to 80,000 words: $625.- (USD).

For 80,000 words or more: please contact me to request a quote.

Hit the button below to make your booking.

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