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Courses & Workshops

On this page, you can find an overview of my writing courses and workshops. The idea is to expand this list with a variety of topics to help you along your writing journey. Of course, the resources below are here to benefit you. Is there anything you're struggling with that you would like me to cover in a workshop or course? Please let me know by emailing me (

Free resources

Self-editing course

This free self-editing course takes you through the four different stages of editing. You'll learn what developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading entail, along with tips & tricks to edit your manuscript. When you have this knowledge, it's easier to decide which levels of editing you want to outsource to a professional. And when your manuscript is in a better state when you send it to an editor, the cost of editing will go down. 

YouTube videos

Aside from the blog, you can find more information in my YouTube videos. In these videos, I give tips for writing and explain different frameworks (e.g., for outlining your novel), and I teach you more about the editing process. The First Draft to Finished series, for example, walks you through my entire editing process. With these tips, you can get your manuscript in great shape!


Writing Working Scenes

Writing Working scenes.jpg

The Writing Working Scenes workshop will walk you through how to brainstorm and write an effective scene. You'll learn:

  • The 7 essential elements that make up a scene

  • How to apply this knowledge to craft your scene

  • The different ways you can start and end a scene

  • Which other techniques you use within your scene.

The workshop is filled with examples to help you grasp the different concepts discussed within the course. There are also exercises throughout to help you implement what you learn.

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