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10 Dark Fantasy Romance Writing Prompts

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If you love to write dark fantasy romance, look no further for some dark fantasy romance writing prompts.

The difference between paranormal romance and fantasy romance is often confusing. The way I see it, fantasy romance features magic and the paranormal in a world that’s not our own. In paranormal romance, all the fantastical happens in our current world.

People love romance—it’s a popular genre, no matter if you write contemporary or fantasy. Add some danger and darkness to it, and you have something that will keep readers on the edge of their seats (both for the life-threatening stakes and the swoon).

To give you some inspiration, find my 10 dark fantasy romance writing prompts below.

Paranormal romance writing prompts

1. A witch and a vampire find themselves drawn to each other. The witch has been in hiding her entire life, as magic is forbidden. However, when a group of witch hunters—dead set on eradicating all magic—discover her, the vampire has to decide whether to risk himself to save the witch and expose his kind.

2. A princess falls in love with a prince. However, they’re both cursed. To stop their curses from tearing them apart, they must unravel the dark magic that binds them and find a way to break the spell.


3. A necromancer falls in love with a ghost. They can’t communicate often, as they need to be in a trance-like state for this. On top of the complications of their relationship, they uncover a plot from an evil king to raise an army of the undead to conquer all.

4. Their world is ruled by warring factions with magical creatures of all sorts. But when an ancient evil threatens to destroy them all, a young sorceress and a warrior from a rival clan must work together. Along the way, they discover that their love could perhaps change the course of history.

5. When a dangerous necromancer gets their hands on a powerful artifact, a young thief and fallen prince need to work together. As they face dangers and deadly enemies, their attraction grows.


6. A prophecy foretells great darkness will descend upon the world. Only a young mage and a noble warrior will be able to stop it. As they journey to the heart of the darkness, they must face their own fears and discover a love that gives them the strength to prevail.

7. In a world where the dead can rise again, a necromancer and a paladin must join forces to stop a dark ritual that could bring about the end of the world. Along the way, they fall in love. But can they trust each other enough to save their world?

8. A rogue warrior travels to the underworld with a young priestess to retrieve a magical artifact that can save their people from a deadly curse. Obviously, they fall in love while fighting against the many deadly denizens of the underworld.

9. A mage and a warrior work together to find a way to restore the dying magic of the land. But as they unravel the source of the diminishing magic, they come across dark forces that seek to destroy them both.

10. A group of rebels fighting against a tyrannical king enlist the help of a shapeshifting assassin and a powerful witch. As they work to overthrow the king, they discover a love that could either destroy them or give them the strength to succeed.


Write your dark fantasy romance story

I hope the writing prompts above sparked your creativity. Create your characters, write an outline, and start that first draft. And once that’s done, it’s time for editing! You can check out my free self-editing course to learn more about this skill.


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