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If you feel confident about your manuscript and only want it checked for any lingering mistakes, proofreading is the right service for you. Proofreading is the lightest editing service and the final edit you do before publishing. Pick proofreading if you need your manuscript checked on:

  • spelling;

  • grammar;

  • punctuation;

  • typos;

  • missing words;

  • minor formatting issues.

What you'll get with a proofread

Are you happy with your story and feel it flows well without many errors? 

But do you want to be sure you don't have any lingering misspellings or incorrect words?

Then proofreading is the best choice for you.

With a proofread, I use track changes in Microsoft Word to highlight the changes I made in your manuscript. You will receive two versions of the manuscript:

  • One where track changes is on, so you can see what changes I made (and choose to accept or decline any changes);

  • One where all the changes have been accepted, so the document is a clean version.

In addition, I will add comments throughout the story with other suggestions for changes in the sentences and explanations of why I made a certain change. 

The proofreading service is the only service where I can also work with a PDF document (for instance, because you already formatted the book). 


A proofread costs $31.- per hour (USD). 

Want to know how much a proofread for your manuscript will cost?

Please contact me to request a quote (without any obligations).

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