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Writing Working Scenes

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The Writing Working Scenes workshop will walk you through how to brainstorm and write an effective scene. You'll learn:

  • The 7 essential elements that make up a scene

  • How to apply this knowledge to craft your scene

  • The different ways you can start and end a scene

  • Which other techniques you use within your scene.

The workshop is filled with examples to help you grasp the different concepts discussed within the course. There are also exercises throughout to help you implement what you learn.

This recorded workshop lasts for 2 hours.


Learn what makes a scene great

The workshop starts with a thorough explanation of the two things that make a scene interesting and engaging: character goals and how this leads to conflict, and value shifts. When you can grasp there concepts for your scenes, you're already well on your way.

Understand the structure of your scenes

What makes a scene work is the underlying structure of a scene. In the next part of the workshop, you'll spend a lot of time learning about the five structural elements (inciting incident, turning point, crisis, climax, and resolution) and how these relate to your character goals and value shift. When you understand how all these things go together, you can craft a scene that readers will love.

Beginnings and endings

Next, you'll see different ways you can start and end a scene and how this impacts the pacing and flow of the story. When do you use what type of beginning or ending?

Building blocks

The final part will give a short overview of the writing techniques you use when writing a scene. These are: interiority/narration, action, dialogue, and description. For writing effective scenes, it's important that you spend time honing your skill on each of these techniques.

Ready to take your scene writing to the next level?

This workshop will help you enhance your scene writing for a more engaging story that readers can't put down. It's designed to be both informative and practical, so you'll walk away with one outlined scene and the knowledge of how to make sure your scenes work. 

Once you purchase the workshop, you will get access to the video.

"The workshop is extremely useful to a beginner writer. I got stuck writing the first quarter of the first draft because I wasn't sure the scenes were working (and I had known about the scene structure in advance), and I felt my mind click as we discussed all of the elements step by step.

The feedback Iris provides is so detailed and personalized, it's a miracle! She always made sure we understood what she was saying and was willing to take the time to answer all and any of our questions.

Compared to a 3-month writing course I'd taken last year, I feel these two hours gave me more practical information! Definitely worth every cent and second!

- Roksana, workshop participant

Buy the workshop now for $35.-

Note: as this is a digital product, it's not possible to get a refund on the workshop once it's purchased. If you experience problems or are dissatisfied with the product, please let me know by emailing me ( I will do my best to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

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