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Iris Marsh Edits

Editorial Services for the Indie Author

Iris Marsh, portrait picture of woman with brown hair against green background

About Me

I'm Iris Marsh, a certified editor with a love for helping indie authors write and tell their stories. Because stories have the power to shape the world. Perhaps you've written the best story you can and would like to know how to improve it even further. Or maybe you're satisfied with your book and just need to have the final typos removed. No matter what stage your story is in, I can help you.


Iris is phenomenal! She spots the things that I as the author have glossed over, ignored, or tried to get away with. She doesn't pull any punches in her critique, pointing out clearly the things that need work, but she does it so kindly and instructively that it's exciting to go through. She's quick and has met every deadline we've had. I love working with her! 

H. Doan Sperry

You will LOVE Iris. I was a little nervous because she is out in the never-neverland of the Netherlands, and I'm in Texas, but she is AH-MAZING and pretty quick! My book was kinda all over the place on paper and in my head, but she gave me detailed, concrete suggestions so we got it laid out in a good order. She also gently called me on some things I needed to consider to make it stronger for the young adult audience. 

D. Fuller

Excellent work. Iris goes above and beyond to deliver clarity and focus. She both takes a big picture view and also provides specific actions to improve our book. Thank you!

Kai Clay

I liked how detailed Iris is with her feedback. It makes me think about things that I might have overlooked or not thought of.

Jordan Spicer

My Services

Developmental Editing

For when you need feedback & suggestions on your plot, characters, worldbuiding, voice, etc.

Line Editing

For when you need editing for your flow, the clarity of your sentences, the fit with your target audience, etc.

Copy Editing

For when you need your manuscript checked on grammar, syntax, consistency, etc.


For when you want your manuscript checked on minor errors such as spelling, typos, punctuation, formatting, etc.

First Chapter Critique

A thorough critique of your first 5,000 words.

Manuscript Critique

An extensive critique of your manuscript, for when a developmental edit is just a bit too much.

Scene Critique

For when you need some critique on your writing, for any scene or short story.

Plot Critique

An extensive critique of your plot, for when you want to be confident of your outline before you start writing your first draft.

Unsure which service you need? Watch the video below:


Download the PDF Booklet by clicking the button below.

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